Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What is Mary up to today?

Have you ever said to yourself.... .."why didn't I think of that"? Well Mary and I used to say that to each other, but not anymore. Mary Welch came up with an incredible idea, I loved it and together we acted on it!
Sixteen months later PURSuE Your Art! changeable art purse is up and running and selling not only in the US, but in Australia, Japan and Canada as well.

We can proudly say that our Purses are made in the "Good Old USA"...actually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Move over Cheese and Dairy.... We would like to believe that someday Wisconsin might be better known as the changeable art purse State.

We can now add many new acquired qualifications to our Resume......Engineer, Web Site Designer, Patent Application Writer, Sales Director, Marketing & Research Developer, Accountant, Photographer and now Blog Writer...lets see am I leaving anything out? Who knew there was so much to do to start a business.

Right now Mary is working on Collage Art and when we have some pictures of her masterpiece we will post them.You just never know what Mary will be up to..could be a new idea or just creating art!

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staramaze said...

Just wanted to add that not only is this a great product; but Mary and Erin are very nice ladies who really care about their customers! :)