Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kathy Roper's, Stampin' Up! Purse Class

Front view of the finished purses

Creating & having fun!
Last Saturday a PURSuE Your Art! purse class was held to celebrate Mother’s Day at the Fire & Friends Z Art Studio in Peoria, AZ… taught by Kathy Roper, a local Stampin’ Up!Demonstrator.

They spent a lovely morning stamping up inserts and mini cards for the PursueYourArt 8-pocket changeable art purses. Not only were those attending pampered with delectable chocolate dipped treats & frappaccino…..but everything was prekitted for them, using coordinating Stampin’ Up! designer papers, rubber stamps & embellishments.

Students learned many basic card-making & scrapbooking techniques as they decorated their purses with artwork they created themselves! Making these purses really got their creative wheels turning. They all love their new purses…and why not? They are Gor-geous, Dahling!!! Attached are the rest of the photos from the class itself. Only 3 of the 4 registered showed up, but we all had a great time! More beautiful purses doning the streets of AZ!!!

A young helper, Jenny Stewart, took the professional looking pictures. She is a sophomore in high school and has started her own photography business doing mostly senior portraits, but also branching out into sports photos and now stamping projects!!!

A side note from Kathy......"While carrying my new purse the following Monday, I took my youngest in to the pediatrician’s office for his annual checkup. Two gals working there spied my purse and practically tackled me to find out if I made it….I had to admit that I only decorated it….I left them my card and they both are registered to attend my next Stampin’ Up! Workshop…and can not wait until I teach another purse class so they can sign up for that!! These purses are great advertising ladies! Women love these purses—show ‘em off!"

To all our customers who offer a PURSuE Your Art! purse class, we would love to feature you in our blog too! Just email us photos and your article to sales@PursueYourArt.com

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