Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feeling Blue?

If you are ever feeling blue or your problems and worries are more than you can handle....try a blue Margarita! We think it will cure just about anything and everything! I met some friends today for lunch, and shared our secret...actually it's Mary's words of wisdom to live by.... . "One blue Margarita and all your problems will quickly fade and disappear!"

Margaritas have been on my mind most of the week, I think because Mary & her husband left for Cancun, Mexico for a much deserved vacation.Can you blame me for being just a wee bit jealous? Hmm..lets see, palm trees, turquoise colored ocean to enjoy, warm sunny weather...or ...blistery cold, extremely cold, how about 30 below wind chill temperature cold!
Did I mention they closed the schools down in our little town of Thiensville located in blustery Wisconsin due to our frigid weather?

I'm going to go make myself a blue Margarita, fire up the fireplace, get into my thermal long johns, put my Jimmy Buffet CD on and make the "cold" disappear!

Blue Margarita Recipe- 2 oz Tequila- 1 oz Blue Curacao- 1 oz Triple Sec- 1 oz Lime Juice- Salt- Garnish: Lime
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1 comment:

Cheryl, The Beading Muse said...

I'm getting thirsty just looking at these...and I'm 99.9% alchohol-free! The look so refreshing! They remind me of melted sky-blue snow cones... yum!