Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Which purse to take out for Valentine's Day?

My Husband asked me earlier today if I would like to go out to dinner this evening. Mind you it's Wednesday. It's the middle of the week.
"Are you asking me out on a date?" I asked. After 27 years of marriage he usually isn't that spontaneous. My answer of course was yes! No dinner to prepare. No dishes to do. What women would say no? Quick..what do I wear and which purse will I choose to take out!

Did I mention it's Valentines Day? We haven't done the "traditional" Valentine's dinner out for 27 years! I was proposed to 28 years ago, and yes that evening was filled with beautiful flowers, a fabulous dinner and a sparkly ring.

The five years following, Valentine's Day was maybe a bouquet of flowers and a card. Five years after that, we both agreed it was yet another Hallmark holiday! The last ten years my husband started bringing home flowers again and of course that beautiful sentimental card. I refuse to pay five dollars for a card, so I make cards for my husband and my three kids. I will splurge on the red heart shaped box of candy...the Russell Stover heart filled chocolates. Such a deal.... two box for $3.99 at Walgreen's!

It was fun going out for dinner tonight, seeing other couples celebrating Valentine's Day and being a part of it. I should mention that my husband Greg went out earlier today and brought home two bunches of flowers. This Valentine's Day was the first time he brought our "almost" sixteen-year-old daughter a bouquet also. I would trade my sparkly ring in a heart beat, just to see that sparkle in my daughters eyes one more time. Her eyes just lit up like the brightest star, as her Dad placed in her arms her first beautifully wrapped bouquet of fresh flowers. That was truly a special moment.

As you can see from the photo which purse I decided to take out this evening. The Vintage Postcard Purse that Mary designed seemed like the perfect choice for Valentine's Day.

You can achieve this same look with your PURSuE Your Art! Changeable art purse. Follow Mary Welch's directions for a unique vintage purse look.

To create the handwritten background paper for this romantic Vintage Postcard Purse, I took my postcards and laid them on my scanner with the writing face down. I scanned and printed them. I used this to cover the panels of the purse. I then scanned and printed the fronts of my original postcards and cropped them to fit the pockets leaving some room for a border. If only these cards could talk! Or...if only I could read french!I found these postcards at one a wonderful antique flea market that I go to during the summer in Elkhorn Wisconsin. I will always make copies of my originals so that I can continue to use these images over and over!
The metal heart was attached directly to the flap of the purse using hot glue. The only glue I've found that works really well with the vinyl.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Cheryl, The Beading Muse said...

I love this story! To get "asked out" after 27 years...and for you and your daughter to receive bouquets...what a guy! You are all obviously a very loving family that truly appreciates each other. Now THAT is the spirit of Valentine's iton Feb. 14 or any other day of the year. Thanks for the inspiration!