Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Four friends each make a PURSuE Your Art masterpiece!

All four art purses
Tamara's Mona Lisa purse

Front view of Mona Lisa Purse

Alice's Monet purse

Front view

Shelley's Georgia O'Keeffe's purseBack view of purse

Susan's art sculpture purse

Mary and I met Tamara over a year ago through an on-line Yahoo Artist Trading Card group. I had made a post to the group looking for women in the Milwaukee area who would be interested in being part of a focus group for our purse. Tamara was the first to respond and from our initial meeting the three of us have been friends ever since. She’s not only become a friend, but also one of our biggest supporters…… Always promoting our purse business to her many artist groups or passing out our business cards to anyone who comments on her ever-changing art purse.
Tamara works with three women who also have a passion for arts and crafts. Together they decided they would stay after work along with Leonardo De Vinci, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe and art sculpture inspirations for an evening of creative purse designing.

These four artistically talented women thought it would be enriching to have an art purse theme party. Inspired by one of Tamara’s many rubber stamps, they were in agreement to use this powerful quote somewhere in their purse design: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.” Each would also choose a famous artist they admired to portray in their purse. Like the marriage of a fine wine and great dinner, the quotation and artist focus enhanced each other. What a beautiful blend!

A unanimous vote for our two-pocket style purse by the group turned out to be the perfect choice and pocket size to depict their much-adored famous artist. Three hours of laughter, supply sharing, gluing, cutting and stamping produced four amazing handbag masterpieces!

Each purse is as unique as the person who created it. Monet inspired Alice. Susan’s trip to a San Antonio art sculpture museum sparked her creativity. Shelley’s admiration for Georgia O’Keeffe reflects that in her purse and Tamara’s love for the Mona Lisa is a wonderful tribute to Da Vinci.

Awesome work, ladies! Thank you so much for sharing your story and pictures with us. To show them our appreciation, we gave them each a set of complimentary replacement panels and pocket cards to create yet another look for their purse. Tamara told me they are already thinking of a “new” theme for their changeable art purses.

Feel free to send us your story and photos. We love hearing about friends gathering for a “girls night out, purse making party!” You and your group could receive a set of replacement panels and pocket cards too!

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Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

Very cool! I really love these.
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